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This is a floating hotel vessel built specifically for the purpose of housing river workers.  In the past 6 years it has served as a hostel.  It has 15 double cabins, 2 singles, and some of the utility rooms were refurbished to accommodate guests or staff.  Each cabin has a sofa bed thus, the boat can accommodate up to 47 people, subject to regulations.  There are 6 toilets, 4 showers, 2 water tanks, and 2 septic tanks.  Currently, both water and power are supplied from shore.  The boat has no propulsion.  Significant renovations were carried out in 2013, including work on the hull and the addition of an extra toilet, accessible from the outside for café/bar customers.  The roof deck was refurbished to accommodate a bar/café with a separate staircase directly from the shore.  The upper level has a small kitchen for guests which has a dish elevator connected to the large kitchen on the lower level and the bar on the roof deck.  It is an impressive boat that can serve as a hostel/hotel or a number of other creative purposes.  A must-see.


Price: U.S. $ 220,000.00


  Feet Meters
Length 125 38.1
Width 22 6.7
Depth 3 0.91
Draft 2 0.61

Flag Polish
Year Built 1985
Last Dry-docked 2013
Location Poland
Class Yes

Construction Material

Cabins 15 Double
2 Single
Toilets 6  - Toilets
4 - Showers

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